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    Title: Hustler
    hustler (STEAM_0 :1:102815895
    Playing time:
    490 hours


    Do you have a microphone?:yes
    Why did you apply for civil protection?:" I've always wanted to be a COP, at least in the game "

    What are the basic rules of civil protection?:
    To help new players, to protect citizens from murders, not to allow crime to grow .
    What is the function of civil protection?:
    The police catch criminals and put in prison , also protects citizens from violence. They also protect the inside of the pd from those who are trying to get there in an unnatural way. also, the police have the right to arrest citizens with a crime rate above 1800 and also break the door (kickdoor) where criminals live with a crime rate above 4000 "
    If the player was to be rdming you, what do you do?:
    I'll kill him and put him in jail.
    How much time can you devote to the server per week (including time zone):?
    56 hours
    How will you benefit the server?:
    I will help new and old players stay safe
    Is this your first time in civil defense?:
    A new player has joined the servers and there are no administrators, how will you help this player?: "I will help them , tell them where to find a job , where to buy goods and tell them how to play , and just tell them about the teams / motd and / tutorial

    What else would you like to add?:
    Yes. can someone add to the game Vladimir Putin skin (model) :dead:
  • +Support
    (But not without hesitancy)

    Alright, as much shit as I (and others) receive from this man, I will only look at this application unbiased and as un-opinionated as possible.

    This is a concise and short application. I think it covers most fronts, and I'd chalk up its shortened form to probable linguistic stifling (or just a lack of using English.)
    But when I look at this application, I have to ask myself: Is this a personality that should be on the face of the Police Force? I won't say Hustler is a toxic person, that would be stretching it, but I do not know if I can say he, even from an outsider view, is truly capable of being a helping support to newcomers, or willing to restrain a lot of his vulgar "retorts" on the daily.

    From a skill point of view, there's no question he would be able to pull off killing a provoking RDMer, or be able to arrest skillfully there lot of the high-crime resistance. But I know that means nothing when you're character and reputation as of now has been surely shaky, and most definitely put doubts into people's minds.

    But as someone who was accepted by the community, and someone willing to get over myself and my blunt distaste for Hustler's actions sometimes, I will go ahead and give a hesitant OK.

    And hustler, I just ask that you please be a little more respectful as cop, both in rule following and just in general display of yourself. I can't say I was super inclined to support this when you said "i made new app" following with "fuck you burnt toast."