Ban Appeal - Trigger Happy Lawdog Ban

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  • Ban Appeal - Trigger Happy Lawdog Ban

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24755312

    Your in-game Name: TurDunkin/{EE} SheetMusic

    Why you got banned: "SOC" via Lawdog

    Other Information you think we should know: Racked up 50k crime and tons of respect RDMing Lawdog to oblivion. We battled on the train tracks, and while I was attempting to jump to the other side, he shot me and stifled my momentum/shot me into the tracks and claimed it was a "SOC." To me, this is inexcusable ignorance for a veteran of DM and pretty obvious retaliation. Why would I have not SOC when he was out of view, and wait for him to get in view and have full eyes on it?

    In addition to the fabricated chain of events from him, the ban was set at a week.

    I have a demo of the full occurrence which can be viewed at:

    Feel free to view the entire demo, but you can skip to approximately tick 85000 which will show the entire incident from the beginning and skip the rest of the fluff.