Unban Nord F**ker pls

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    • Unban Nord F**ker pls

      Hello My Dear cold community blyat
      It's your big brother Nord Fucker
      Today was an accident,new player was doorblocking in my house and then left the combat with me.
      Hand Of Doom was online.Me and player with me told him about that accident but he didn't respond and tell that he need proofs.Another player who saw that also told him about it but it had no respond in his heart.I had proofs i was PrtSc it but lost it because I gave a link to a forum to new player,so we can write about this accident.
      Then I get mad and said okay if you dont give a fuck about the rules let me kill box players.He said I will ban you for that.That made me mad(i still cant recognize why rules are working for some players and for some didnt)and i said that if he ban me I will DDoS this forum.
      I'm apologizing for what I said,I'm apologizing in front of all COLD community players.And this was just a stupid joke.I'm always roleplaying a badass guy so I thought you will take it as a part of my RP not as real threat.
      Pls unban me cuse it's not right to ban old players for stupid jokes and let newbies break the rules.