HUSTLER DOC out of base raid (Again)

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  • HUSTLER DOC out of base raid (Again)

    Information of Reporter:
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32342006
    Steam Profile:

    Information of Accused:
    IGN: hustler
    SteamID: hustler (STEAM_0 :1:102815895)
    Steam Profile:


    What rules did said players break?:
    -hustler DOC out of a base raid.

    Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains:
    -hustler DOC out of a base raid. I was with Tyler in hustler's base doing a raid. I stayed up front to keep killing hustler and keep him out. Tyler_durden was about to pick up hustler's weed plants when huster asked, "Wait, I need to check something in back wall" (You can see this in chat of demo) I am also including a screen cap of this from the chat. As Tyler went to grab the weed, which he mentions in chat, hustler DOC. When he came back on, hustler even stated "I WAS OUTSIDE." Which doesn't matter during a base raid. It is still against the rules. He was warned by birddieboo the other day for DOC during a base raid.

    Witnesses at the scene:
    - Tyler_Durden, Fungus

    Was there an admin online at the time?:
    - RatMeat and Slawdog (AFK)

    If the previous question was 'yes' why did they not deal with this?:
    - Both were AFK as it was very early in the morning.


    Does player have previous bans?:
    - Yes about 10

    EVIDENCE: Demo recorded of incident shown at last 2-3 minutes of demo