Big Donation *Closed/Pending*

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  • Big Donation *Closed/Pending*

    Hello! This server, and it's community and staff are amazing. I love the server so much, and with a little extra birthday money I'd love to show some of my love to the server!

    With this being said; how can I make a donation of $80?
    Is there a PayPal email I can send it to? :D
    When I click donations I was hoping I would be able to type in an amount, but instead it asks if I want to purchase Silver or Gold VIP.
    Please get back to me ASAP.
    If I told you I was different, would you understand the difference?
  • This kind of support or donation for the server ist not really common but always appreciated.

    Therefore, you may need to talk to the Owners directly.(Syle22 or younggamerguy)

    At the same time, you will also be able to "purchase" a special kind of VIP called Platinium VIP.

    This mostly cost 100$, but maybe you can make a deal.

    Best regards