Quitting this server again

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    • Quitting this server again

      It's Paul Blart Mall Cop here in case you don't know me from the server. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm quitting the server again. You win, Chyna and Nemo. I don't know what it is that you two have against me but you win. I'd rather not play at all than constantly be walking on egg shells because one of you is following me around recording everything I do so you have an excuse to report me and get me banned.

      And by the way, Nemo: was it cop abuse when you used your cop to get into PD and take the crystal? Or is that different, you fucking hypocrite.

      Thanks to the other players that didn't try to passively bully me.

      Edit: And by the way Chyna, dropping hoppers beside players doesn't do anything because when any player picks up a hopper, it becomes friendly to everyone. But if it wasn't going to be the hopper thing, it was going to be something else. Well you're not going to have your fun at my expense anymore. Go find another sucker to stalk and record demos.


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    • Paul,

      As I told you earlier, I do not have anything against you! I was aslo trying to help you get you're cop strip time reduced, and I still will help. We need more active cops on this server.

      The only reason I went to the forum about that issue was because after you were warned and asked multiple times to stop pushing rebels off of roofs, I felt as you didn't learn that it was not ok to do that as a cop, and reported. Rules are in place for a reason. Personally I have nothing against you. I am sorry to see you go. I am far from a bully, nor will I never be one.

      If you decide to come back, I will still be more than happy to talk with admins and try to help get that cop strip reduced. Take care of yourself man, crazy world we live in today.
    • Someone quitting over losing cop for breaking the rules shouldn't have gotten cop in the first place IMO. You broke the rule, you got a punishment. No matter how severe it is, you are still not a victim. Next time hold yourself the a higher standard like you do other cops and admins. Also there are plenty of elements in the game besides cop, use this time to enjoy those elements and then when you get cop back you can at that time enjoy it as a new experience all over again. But understand that in this situation you are not the victim, you are someone who broke a rule and got caught doing so. So stop acting like one.