Suggestion: Remove or Block off Controls To Strider & Chopper

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    • Suggestion: Remove or Block off Controls To Strider & Chopper

      I feel as it would be beneficial to the community to somehow remove or block off those controls to the spawn the Strider, Helecopter, and the crystal.
      When spawning those events it jacks the edicts up so high and causes the server to crash. I have seen days to where those events were never spawned and
      the server stayed up for 16, 18, even 24 hours.

      I include the crystal as well because every time someone comes in contact with it when its turned on it's gotta jack the count up as well and causes the server
      to pre maturely crash.

      After crashes on several occasions I have lost items, weed plants, weed I have had in my inventory and even cash.

      I feel as it would be very beneficial to the server and help keep it up longer, this map is unstable as it is. There have been several occasions to where several players are active, not just AFK's, they all are
      dm'ing, working on dailies, killing cops than the server crashed after someone spawns a chopper than not even 1/3 of those active players re connect. I feel as it deters players from re connecting.

      I get/understand why some say the crashes are good for the server as it stops people from racking up alot of money from afk'ing but at the same time it chases people away, and causes us to lose stuff that we have paid for with rp money, and or things we have worked hard to collect.

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    • The crystal does have very little purpose, and now people just grab it and hide it as fast as they can which makes the crystal and wand kinda useless. As for the strider and chopper, those are active events. But if they do cause that then wouldn't the antlion and zombie event spawns generate crashes as well? I don't know the specifics behind it but if you are looking to remove certain events to help prevent server crashes, maybe look at all the events.