trespassing security suggestion

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    • trespassing security suggestion

      Greetings all,

      well, I was thinking about that to make the rp server more reality,
      if we can install a sensor or a security camera in our houses to see or to know who gets in, and of course to get that thing u will need to buy it.

      for example, a security camera that appears at the top right corner with small screen maybe, not sure about that.

      or a sensor that tells you in the chat with alarm

      [RP] player 'blablabla' has entered your house.
      [RP] player 'blablabla' left your house.

      and that's it.

      hope you all enjoyed it <3
    • Micobot wrote:

      Would it be better to have it be a one-time notification for 'X player has lock picked your door'?

      It'd probably be simpler to do this overall and give you a similar sort of warning message that someone could have just entered through a door that was locked.

      I think its will be like

      for example if many players entered my house

      [RP] player "player2" has entered your house.
      [RP] player "player1" has entered your house.
      [RP] player "player3" has entered your house.

      now there is 3 people inside my house so

      [RP] player "player2" left your house. that the one who entered first player2 and he now left< so

      now still 2 people inside my house witch is player 1 & 3 soooo

      [RP] player "player3" left your house. the last one entered left so now still one inside my house


      [RP] player "player1" left your house. cool now my house is empty. You got it?

      btw I like the sensor one more than the security camera :)