Announcement New map setup and change - rp_city26

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    • New map setup and change - rp_city26


      We have decided to change the map for our next 3 month cycle to : rp_city26. Map is live now

      Big thanks to @Birddieboo @Capt_n3Mo and @The Doggy for helping setup map.

      With this update we have made a few more changes to cops, we will continue to evaluate feedback. Shout out to @Rasul for providing much needed suggestions. We are working on implementing some of them.

      Source Code

      1. - Cop kills on rebels now reduces crime by 500 instead of 1000.
      2. - When a cop jails a player, they will be given a message in chat indicating how long the rebel will be in jail.
      3. - HEV suit price lowered to 7k
      4. - Colored printers and plants support added.
      5. - Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements made

      In other news Rezzo/Mav has been working on a new high-score site! Here is the beta link. We will be implementing this on our site soon.

      We home you enjoy the relocation to one of our finest remaining urban centers.

      Remember to use sm_refunddoor rp_uptown_v4_b12